The First Decade: 1982-1991

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  • Ingrid Jacobson ’83, President
  • Jeanne Demers ‘–, Backs Captain
  • Kaarina Hollo ‘–, Forwards Captain

In the Fall of 1982, the Harvard-Radcliffe Women’s Rugby Football Club (HRWRFC) is born, thanks to the initiative of Ingrid Jacobson ’83 and the help of Coach Mindy Fener and Faculty Advisor Paul Erikson of Quincy House. That season the team plays McGill, Yale , BC , and MIT, among others, ending with a first-season record of 2-4.


  • Sheryl Wilkins ‘–, President
  • Jeanne Demers ‘–, Backs Captain(S) and Louy Meacham ’85, Backs Captain (F)
  • Jenny Perini ‘–, Forwards Captain

The renamed Radcliffe Rugby Football Club takes its first Spring Break Tour ever, heading south to play the Orlando Alouettes and the University of Florida. Though the team loses all three games, in only her second season, Radcliffe ends up with a 10-4-1 record. the 7-1 Fall season is equally impressive. Martyn Kingston helps Mindy Fener with coaching duties for the year.


  • Jenny Perini ‘–, President
  • Louy Meacham ’85, Backs Captain
  • Sue Bear ‘–, Forwards Captain (S) and Janet Bixby ‘–, Forwards Captain (F)


  • Claudia O’Grady ‘–, President
  • Elise Balboni ’86, Backs Captain
  • Janet Bixby ‘–, Forwards Captain


  • Heather Flewelling ’88, President
  • Gillian Caldwell ’88, Backs Captain
  • Kathy Lemon ‘–, Forwards Captain


  • Deedee Rowe ’88, President
  • Val Bogdan ’89, Backs Captain
  • Helen Chen ’88, Forwards Captain


  • Val Bogdan ’89, President
  • Eliza Schwarz ’89, Backs Captain
  • Cherie Silvera ’89, Forwards Captain

In the spring, Radcliffe is crowned NERFU champions. Four members of the team are named to the NERFU Collegiate Select Side: Gillian Caldwell ’88, Mary Christ ’90, Andrea Eror ’90 , and Paige Levine ’88 . Lisa Gartner assumes coaching duties in the fall, marking the beginning of a beautiful relationship to last the next eleven years.


  • Mary Christ ’90, President
  • Eunjie Kahn ’91, Backs Captain
  • Alex Williams ’91, Forwards Captain

Despite falling to UVM in the semifinals of 1989’s New England Invitational Championship, four Radcliffe ruggers are named to the NERFU Collegiate Select Side: Kiernan Ignacio ’93, Yolanda Lewis ’91, Keiko Morris ’92 , and Alex Williams ’91.


  • Megan Todd ’91, President
  • Yolanda Lewis ’91, Backs Captain
  • Alex Williams ’91, Forwards Captain

Darlene “Bubba” Connors joins the Radcliffe coaching staff. As Erika Lundquist ’99 would later say, “Bubba knows everything there is to know about scrumming.”


  • Valeria Scott ’92, President
  • Iris Tong ’91, Backs Captain
  • Kathryn Cahir ’92-93, Forwards Captain

With new black and white jerseys, the “Harvard Women’s Rugby team” begins to receive more consistent (not to mention correct!) publicity as Radcliffe Rugby. The team garners first place honors at the first annual Seven Sisters Women’s Collegiate Tournament. Newly graduated Alex Williams ’91 is named to the NERFU Senior Select Side.