The Second Decade: 1992-2001

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  • Leslie Boyd ’93, President
  • Sarah Varela ’93, Backs Captain
  • Amanda Micheli ’95, Forwards Captain

Alex Williams ’91 represents the East at the Inter-Territorial Select Side Tournament (ITT).


  • Katie Mayer ’94, President
  • Mary Connolly ’94, Backs Captain (F) and Joy de Jesus ’94, Forwards Captain (F)
  • Heather Crane ’93, Backs Captain (S) and Amanda Micheli ’95, Forwards Captain (S)

Radcliffe takes her skills on the road with a Spring Break tour of California. During the fall, the team hosts the NERFU Championships. Named to the NERFU Collegiate Select Side team (coached by Radcliffe’s very own Lisa and Bubba) are: Mary Connolly ’94, Lydia Dyett ’93, Chandra Harrell ’95, Joy de Jesus ’94 , and Amanda Micheli ’95 . Alex Williams ’91 represents the East again at the annual ITT in Tampa, FL and plays for the USA Eagles in the Canada Cup. Beantown’s Mary Dixey becomes Radcliffe’s Backs Coach. Emily Yee ’98 to a bunch of wide-eyed rookies: “Dixey was, like, the BOMB flyhalf!”


  • Leigh Martinez ’95, President
  • Myrza Perez ’95, Backs Captain
  • Chandra Harrell ’95, Forwards Captain

The team embarks on its first (of many) Spring Break Tour of DC/Maryland/Virginia. Radcliffe emerges as champions of the Beantown Mayor’s Cup Tournament in the fall. Alex Williams ’91 joins the East All-Stars at ITT’s after playing with the USA Eagles at the Women’s World Cup. Valeria Scott ’92 is the Eagles’ Assistant Manager at the World Cup.


  • Sarah Schooler ’96, President
  • Patty Seo ’96, Backs Captain
  • Liza Studen ’96, Forwards Captain

“The year it all began,” as Emily Yee ’98 said — the territory formerly known as East comes to its end, but not before giving birth to three new territories: Northeast (NRU), Mid-Atlantic (MARFU), and South. In the spring, the team takes another tour of the greater DC area. The fall marks the beginning of Radcliffe dominance in the NRU, and the team ends the year as the best – not only in New England – but in the entire Northeast. By virtue of this impressive performance, Radrugby qualifies for her first ever National Tournament. Amanda Micheli ’95 is honored as a Collegiate All-American. In the East’s last appearance at ITT’s, Rad alums Chandra Harrell ’95 and Alex Williams ’91 do Radcliffe proud.


  • Niffer Esty ’97, President
  • Kay Lee ’97, Backs Captain
  • Maggie Hatcher ’98, Forwards Captain

Warming up with another tour of MARFU, the team captures first place at the Stoney Brook Ruggers Spring Classic and the Ivy League Championships. In May, RRFC travels to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and comes home with a fourth place finish. Five ‘cliffies are named All-Americans: Jane Kim ’96, Kay Lee ’97, Sarah Schooler ’96, Patty Seo ’96 , and Liza Studen ’96 . Sarah Varela ’93 represents MARFU at ITT’s. Though the NRU doesn’t make it to Tampa , Alex Williams ’91 plays for the Eagles once again in her Second Canada Cup.


  • Emily Yee ’98, President
  • Bex Wallison ’98, Backs Captain
  • Nancy McGuire ’97-’98, Forwards Captain

Yet another spring break touring MARFU, yet another successful spring season, as the team collects tournament wins at Stoney Brook, Beast of the East, and Ivies, which Radcliffe hosts again. Early May and back to Nationals – this time, at the home of Penn State University in State College , PA. Rad avenges last year’s loss to 1996 champion Princeton in the semifinals, but she runs out of time against Penn State in the final, losing by two points. Despite the loss, the entire Radcliffe pack is named Forward MVP of the tournament. In addition to that award, Heather Lantz ’98-’99, Kay Lee ’97, Haley Steele ’99, Bex Wallison ’98 , and Zelime Ward ’98 are named All-Americans. The fall season is equally impressive. Rad finishes the regular season undefeated and wins the NERFU Championships at Dartmouth , where rookie Lindsay Davison ’97-98 is named tournament MVP. Radcliffe hosts Northeasts and again comes out on top. At ITT’s, Kay Lee ’97 plays with the Midwest , Amanda Micheli ’95 with Pacific, Alex Williams ’91 with NRU. Jane Kim ’96, Sarah Schooler ’96, Haley Steele ’99 , and Zelime Ward ’98 are selected to the Under-23 (U23) National team. Alex also joins the Eagles as they tour Australia.


  • Heather Lantz ’98-99, President
  • Erika Lundquist ’99, Backs Captain
  • Kym Zielinski ’99, Forwards Captain

A fifth MARFU tour for good measure, and Radcliffe returns north to three-peat at Stoney Brook, where Lindsay Davison ’97-98 garners tournament MVP honors. The defending Ivy League champs are gracious hostesses, but fall short to Princeton in the final. In May RRFC returns to Happy Valley for the National Championships. Maybe it’s FA-CCIA LU-NA, maybe it’s the Radcliffe patch, maybe it’s just a determined team with a lot of heart and the best set of coaches in the country… Whatever it is, Radcliffe rocks the house, defeating Penn State in a tight 12-10 final. Kelly Seary ’01, Haley Steele ’99, Bex Wallison ’98, Zelime Ward ’98 , and Emily Yee ’98 are honored as All-Americans. Back in Cambridge , May 20, RRFC receives the Team Fitness and Sports Award for “teamwork, discipline, determination, loyalty, and pride.” Radcliffe opens the fall season with her second Beantown Tournament title. Losses to Dartmouth and Amherst during the regular season, however, end RRFC’s three-year run at Nationals. The First Annual Radcliffe Rugby Walkathon is held on a beautiful autumn Sunday. The Game, Harvard-Yale, takes place on the following weekend, but the real match takes place on the pitch against the Rad alums. The No-Tones make their debut performance at the fall roast. Seven Radcliffe ruggers make it to Tampa for ITT’s: Carolyn Magill ’97 (U23 Eagles), Amanda Micheli ’95 (Pacific), Sarah Schooler ’96 (MARFU), Haley Steele ’99 (U23 Eagles), Bex Wallison ’98 (NRU), Zelime Ward ’98 (U23 Eagles), and Alex Williams ’91 (NRU), who also represents the U.S. again in their second place World Cup finish. Carolyn, Haley , and Zelime join their U23 teammates in an undefeated tour of England.


  • Becky Antar ’00, President
  • Kelly Seary ’01, Backs Captain
  • Lori Rifkin ’00, Forwards Captain

Lisa Gartner announces her retirement and brings about the end of an era. Radcliffe crosses the international borders of rugby with a winless, yet undeniably successful Spring Break tour of Italy . The team returns to the States to re-appropriate the Ivy League title with a clean win over Princeton in the final. This year’s championship is the first ever to include all eight schools. Joanna Case ’99 , Captains Lori Rifkin ’00 and Kelly Seary ’01 , and Haley Steele ’99 are selected to the All-Ivy team. Rad takes a fourth Stoney Brook title, and Kelly Seary ’01 is honored as tournament MVP. Radcliffe also wins the first ever Beanpot Tournament. At the end of the spring season, Cara Gearty ’99 (second team), Kelly Seary ’01 (second team), and Haley Steele ’99 (first team) receive All-American honors. Haley ’99 joins Atlantis in Spain at Madrid 7’s. Patty Connell, another Beantown alumna, joins the Radcliffe coaching staff for the fall season. Both she and Bubba Connors coach the U-23 NERFU All-Star team. Lori Rifkin ’00 is named to the NERFU side. Bernadine Han ’01, Anna McMahan ’99 , and Kelly Seary ’01 play for the NRU U-23 Select Side at Saranac, and are joined by Jessi Halligan ’00 and Erika Lundquist ’99 for a U-23 inter-territorial tournament in Atlanta, where they are reunited with Sara Cable ’98-’99 , representing MARFU. At the senior ITT’s in Tampa, six Radcliffe alums and two coaches make appearances: Lindsay Davison ’98-’99 (NRU), Koma Gandy ’95 (Combined Services), Amanda Micheli ’95 (Pacific), Haley Steele ’99 (U-23 Eagles), Bex Wallison (NRU), Alex Williams ’91 (Coach, NRU), Bubba Connors (Head Coach, NRU), and Mary Dixey (Assistant Coach, U-23 Eagles).


  • Stacie Persons ’02, President
  • Kelly Seary ’01, Backs Captain
  • Bernadine Han ’01-’02, Forwards Captain

Haley Steele ’99 and Mary Dixey (Assistant Coach) tour Britain with the U-23 Eagles. Dixey is elected International Athlete Vice-President of USA Rugby for 2000-2002. Radcliffe tours San Francisco over spring break. It’s only a third place finish at Ivies, but Jessi Halligan ’99 , Bernadine Han ’01-’02 , and Kelly Seary ’01 are named to the All-Ivy tournament team. RRFC wins the Beanpot Championship for the second year in a row! Lindsay Davison ’97-’98 and Haley Steele ’99 are selected for the USA Eagles Women’s Developmental side in an early summer match against the Quebec Developmentals. Karen Anselmo ’01, Jessi Halligan ’00, Bernadine Han ’01-’02, Anna McMahan ’99, and Kelly Seary ’01 are named to the summer’s NRU U-23 Select Side. Kelly Seary ’01 , First Team; and Jessi Halligan ’00 , Second Team, are named to the 2000 Women’s Collegiate All-American Squad. Bernadine Han ’01-’02 is recognized as an Honorable Mention. Lindsay Davison ’97-’98 and Haley Steele ’99 play for Atlantis at Ontario ‘s Magnificent 7s. Haley also plays with the team in Venezuela at Santa Teresa 7s. Koma Gandy ’95 and Kelly Seary ’01 play with Atlantis to capture the National 7s Championships in Conshohocken , PA. Lindsay Davison ’97-’98 , Amanda Micheli ’95 , and Alex Williams ’91 are selected to the 2000 Eagles squad for Saranac’s annual Can-Am and the Canada Cup. Lindsay and Amanda receive their first caps at Saranac and all three of them play together again for the U.S. at the Canada Cup in October. Another Harvard-Yale in Cambridge , another alumnae game. The coaches and some seniors join the alums who prevail once again with five tries to two. Amanda Micheli ’95 (Pacific), Alex Williams ’91 (Northeast), Bex Wallison ’98 (Northeast), and Koma Gandy (Southern Cal) represent their territories at ITT’s in December.


  • Kate Greenthal ’03, President
  • Jen Paniza ’03 (Spring)/Annie Antar ’02 (Fall), Backs Captain
  • Lauren Hult ’02, Forwards Captain